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Dedicated to improving the Quality of life for those with Developmental Disabilities


Who We Are

Absolve Healthcare Supports is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities through increased access to integrated life choices including education, employment and recreation. 

We are obligated to promoting choices and protecting rights. We believe all life holds value and each individual is entitled to the respect and dignity that we as board member, community service providers and citizens take for granted.

Absolve Healthcare Supports, Inc., is guided by a Board of Directors, which is dedicated to our vision to promote the independence and inclusion of each individual that we shall be supporting. We emphasize ability, not disability, and promote the belief that everyone can learn, everyone can make choices in his or her life, and everyone can contribute to the environment in which they live.

Our Commitment

  1. Empowering people to help them grow and succeed.
  2. Providing an unmatched reputation for professional and personal care.
  3. Establishing a balance between the rights & dignity of people with disabilities while assuring health and safety.
  4. Developing communities where all people are fully included as members.
  5. Creating a workplace that recognizes performance, participation, and personal initiative. 

Services We Offer

Our community-based programs allows individuals to feel comfortable, safe and supported.

  1. DD In-home for children, adolescents and adults
  2. Independent Living Supports
  3. Supported Living Residential Services
  4. Companionship
  5. PCA Services

Our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you and your loved ones always feel comfortable and secure. In-Home Based Supports provides services such as teaching basic self-care skills, social skills and activities of daily living. Schedule your appointment and see how our team of qualified professionals can get you or your loved ones feeling great and becoming more independent.

Examples of Individual Supports Activities*:

  • Support from staff to assist an individual participating in activities such as: assistance in completing activities of daily living, ordering off a menu, purchasing items, learning basic cooking, laundry skills, etiquette, travel training, accessing activities in the community, etc.
  • Support from staff to assist in activities of daily living in their residence – dressing, personal care, eating, etc.
  • Support from staff to enable an individual to attend an event, take a class, etc.
  • Support on a job site to assist in basic self-care, social skills, and activities of daily living.

* Please note that examples are not all inclusive of everything that can be accomplished through this service.

We provide the supports necessary to maintain the independence, and develop higher levels of independence when appropriate. Assistive training is provided to individuals  in all areas of life, depending on their individual needs and their individual level of accomplishment. Staff works with each person to help him or her increase skills of independence in housekeeping, cooking, laundry, money management, personal choices, health and safety issues, mobility, self-medication administration, social skills and prevocational skills.

Our Principles of Services

We believe that effective and meaningful treatment can be provided only by the continuous pursuit of quality embracing the following principles:
  1. An individual-centered approach to assessment and service planning ensuring individualized care to meet each individual’s changing needs while maintaining dignity.
  2. Compliance with standards of care and service through enhanced & ongoing monitoring, evaluation and improvement of clinical practice and programs.
  3. Effective resource allocation is met through strategic analysis of the individual, community, and organization needs.
  4. A commitment to staff training, development and competency-based performance and evaluation of staff. These would have great benefits to the staff’s professional growth and development as well as enhances overall quality of care to the individuals we serve. 
  1. The well-being and quality of individuals’ lives will be enhanced through individual and family education as well as involvement in both service and organizational planning.
  2. We focus on the individual’s strengths, interests and abilities and not on weaknesses, deficits or problems. The relationship between the house management and the individual will be that of collaboration and partnership.
  3. Our approach includes person-centered planning, positive behavioral support counseling and the offering of guided choices that are the integral components of service delivery.
  4. We belief that individuals of all ages and abilities should have the supports they need to enjoy the rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and the opportunity to have a good life. These fundamental values include:
    • Listening and respecting the individuals choices
    • Maintaining health relationships with family, friends and the community
    • Supporting personal choices and self-direction
    • Strengthening and promoting the individuals talents and contributions.

Our People

Our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you and your loved ones always feel comfortable and secure. Our residential staff have many years of experience working with the mental health and DD population and are familiar with our local community as well.


With a career with Absolve Healthcare Supports, you’ll draw on all of your skills to make a powerful difference in the lives of our residents every day.

If you would like to be considered for employment with us, then please feel free to contact us at with your credentials.